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About Lubcat free zone company and facilities

Lub Cat F.Z.Co was established in 2003 in Jebel Ali Free Zone, Dubai by Mr. Hossein and Dr. Ali Sayadizadeh. The company is specialized in producing high quality motor oil for diesel and gasoline engines. Lub Cat F.Z.Co core products include “SAE – 20W50 – SG” which is designed for all passenger cars and light trucks, “SAE – 40”, and “50 API – CC” designed for all passenger cars, light trucks, and pickups. Products are exported to Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, India, Pakistan, and Africa.

As Lub Cat F.Z.Co is a general trading company, it has been searching for additional products in order to diversify the product portfolio, and possibly offer products catering a broader market segment, especially in Dubai and the UAE. Being located in one of the most dominant and industrialized regions of the Middle East, Lub Cat can this way cater Dubai’s commitment to innovation by offering solutions and products that can supplement local industrial growth.

Lub Cat F.Z.Co recently entered an agreement with Spanish based Triflex Vidriopantalla producing blind unit systems for double glazed glass. The company is now Triflex’s sole representative in the Middle East, serving Dubai’s extensive development and construction market. Triflex’s products consist of four different models of blinds, to be installed as a separator within a double glazed unit. The models range from fixed blinds that can be adjusted manually, to electric motor-driven retractable blinds.

As the company expands into the glass and blind sector, Lub Cat F.Z.Co has also just started to offer folding aluminium framed doors, ceilings, and room separator systems through an additional Spanish based partner, Espai Sistemas. These doors can typically be used to cover an outside seating area or recreational space, connected to a main building. The doors can protect outside furniture from sunlight, rain, sand, and dust, while at the same time allowing customers to use their patios under any weather condition. The folding door system can be combined with the double glazed blinds, and may therefore provide additional protection from sun and UV exposure.

As the lubricant products are distributed and exported to the international market, Lub Cat F.Z.Co intends to also extend the blind and glass related products into other regions such as Bahrain, Qatar, and Kuwait in the near future. 

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