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Benefits of Aluminium Double Glazing

Aluminium windows have gained popularity in the later half of the 20th century. For many years they were perceived as only available in silver, surrounded by high maintenance hardwood subframes and above all prone to condensation.

Aluminium Window Manufacturers now provide products have advanced significantly in recent years benefiting from new technology, advances in fabrication and with excellent thermal properties.

Many in the PVC industry will say that pvc windows are more thermally efficient. This is simply not true! Under current building regulations, windows must achieve energy ratings of A, B or C. If an aluminium window is A rated then it is the same as a plastic A rated window. Ratings are ratings, irrespective of material.

Aluminium windows have many advantages over plastic, gaining an increased market share, particularly in recent years with many new developments of flats and contemporary houses. It is rare nowadays for such modern buildings to have plastic windows.

By far one of the main benefits of aluminium doors and windows is the inherent strength with slim sight lines. This means greater flexibility for window frames as the aluminium can be worked into slim frames. Aluminium provides not only greater strength but is also more resistant to the elements and thus not likely to warp or rot. It is a material with a high strength-to-weight ratio that is easily formed into many shapes and configurations, remaining the most common commercial framing material.

- Its hard surface resists denting and weathering.
- Available in virtually any color
- Aesthetically pleasing
- Ease of maintenance.
- Increased levels of security
- Meet the highest standard for air and water infiltration and structural integrity.
- Able to meet many architectural specifications that plastic windows can’t.

Traditional Aluminium window frames are best suited for light or heavy commercial buildings such as schools, restaurants, and government buildings.