Triflex 16 Dial
Triflex Model 16 Dial

Recomanded for:
Interior separation in offices, laboratories, and places not exposed to the exterior or where the thermal differences on both sides of the IGBU doesn't exist.

Triflex 16 Dial

Slats: 12.5mm. x 0.21mm.
Chamber: 16 mm.
Operation: Manual across a dial.
Maximum squaring: 5 m2
Type of glass (thickness): any type.
Slat color: According to Triflex color brochure.
Complementary elements: Dial control.
Minimal space that needs for its installation in profiles: 24 mm (with a composition 4/16/4).

Descriptive memory:
Triflex 16 Dial model is a insulating glass composed by two glasses of 4 mm. with chamber of 16 mm . in its interior lodges a venetian blind of slats of aluminum, which can be tilted from the exterior of the chamber by a dial control. The composition of the glass can change according to the needs.

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