Quality and advantages
Insulated Glass Blind Unit Quality and advantages

The igbu (Insulated Glass Blind Unit)

The IGBU (insulated glass-blind unit) is composed by a double glazing with completely sealed chamber in a hermetic and dehydrated form by means of first sealed with butyl, and a second with polysulfide, in its interior lodges a venetian blind type of slats of aluminum, which can be manipulated from the exterior without breaking the airtight seal of the same one.

Difference between IGBU and IGU with blind

The concept of installing a venetian blind between two glasses is not new, long ago this idea joined to the modern construction for being an aesthetic exquisite solution, besides of providing a perfect control of the solar light, creating very agreeable ambience to the place. Nevertheless the problems that appeared were principally the humidity in the interior of the glasses produced by the difference of temperatures between the interior and the exterior, after the existing moisture became condensed between the panes. The solution of this problem is to create a completely hermetic interior and dehydrated chamber, like the regulatory double glazing. This solution was discarding any system of manipulation to operate the blind that perforate the chamber, since it would break the airtight seal of the same one, the system of operating across magnets is the one that solves and marks the difference between the two systems. An interior magnet and another exterior to the chamber are the responsible of operating the mechanism without breaking the hermetic chamber; in this moment when the first IGBU is born.

Solar protection

The entry of the solar light is controlled from its entrance, repelling the entry of the same one or facilitating it according to our needs. A different models exist who adapt themselves to the different needs, from the most ancient models with interior chambers of 20 ò 25 mm . that allow us the elevation of the venetian, to the systems of last generation with narrower chamber, 16 mm . and separator profile that only with the orientation of the slats provide to us a major darkness. Very important element since the entry of light across an open venetian is practically equal to that of a raised venetian, since the slats practically disappear of our vision.

Acoustic protection

If the simple element of double glazing already provides us a great thermal protection , the interior venetian increases the mentioned protection, and also the possibility of combinations of different glasses (big thicknesses, acoustic glasses, etc.) that can offer us a wider fan of possibilities, chart of glass combination exists to solve any need.


Thermal protection

The IGBU is comparable to a triple glazing in thermal protection, with glasses of equal thickness and composition of a conventional glazing, but like in the previous case, exist the possibility of combining specific glasses of thermal protection that would increase its possibilities.

Unalterable aesthetic

In multiple occasions we meet singular buildings where the aesthetics that is tried to obtain are destroyed by the variety of colors distributed of arbitrary form by the different habitations, giving a disorder aspect to what tried to give itself an aesthetic uniformity definite. The IGBU assures to us the aesthetics achived by its creator through the time since no manipulation, can alter it.

Durability of the system

Though the following example can seem to be at first sight extremely pretentious, after analyzing it, will verify that it does not stop being less true. The immense majority of works of art exposed in the museums of the whole world, they are less protected from any external agent that the components of the IGBUs. Let's analyze: All the components of the IGBU are inside a chamber, completely hermetic, protected by two barriers of seal, one of butyl, and other one of polysulfide, the interior of the chamber has been dehydrated with hygroscopic salts that lodge inside the separator profile, therefore the threads cannot suffer alterations of moisture and dried that provoke the aging of the same ones, no type of manipulation can exist for external agents, as elements of cleanliness, abrasive, or deformations for blows. The only contact with the exterior is across the magnetic force that mange the magnets, and the durability of the same ones is more than 400 years. The realized essays, allow us with entire safety to offer a guarantee of 10 years (maxim that can be granted) for the internal mechanisms of the IGBUs. Do you know many works of art at a similar level of protection? 

Absence of maintenance

Considering the circumstances exposed previously, it is undoubtedly , the absence of maintenance, since the only aspect to bear in mind would be the exterior cleanliness of the glass, as any other. Besides the absence of dust on the slats or in the interior of the chamber, and the micro organisms or bacteria, in case of hospitals, laboratories etc., since it can happen to a system of double glazing with blind operated with a mechanical drive. It is not contemptible at all, the economic saving that supposes this absence of maintenance, especially in public buildings like hospitals, centers of health, laboratories, schools, universities, hotels, etc. Where we won't have to replace neither blind nor curtains for breaks or the passage of time, and that remain clean and unalterable as the first day.

Adaptable to many typs of carpentries

In contrast to the double glazing with blind, which need a specified profile for its installation, the first models of IGBUs with chambers of 20 ò 25 mm were already adapting themselves better to the profiles of high scale. Later with the models of last generation as the TRIFLEX 16, one manages to reduce the interior chamber to the most habitual measurement on the European market, with an interior chamber of 16 mm , turns it into the narrowest of the world, allowing to become thus accessible to the biggest number of existing profiles, this circumstance joined the winged separator profile and the absence of perforations in the visible zone of the slats, that turn it also into the model of maximum darkening , and the most used by the manufacturers of double glazing of the country, and recently also it is commercialized out of our borders.

Wide scale of colors

TRIFLEX VIDRIOPANTALLA, has a brochure of colors in stock of 56 coolers for the slats and three basic ones (white, black and grey) for the separator profile, but they can adapt in some occasions a certain colors for the needs of work, recently have joined colors imitation wood that are giving a very good aesthetic result. Undoubtedly we count with the widest scale of colors of the market.


Quality tests

"We are pleased to have obtained the ISO 9001/2000, in design, production and system consulting for IGBUs, which we feel represents the acknowledgement of the great efforts we have made over the past years. Our operational processes have been measured against a standard which has been accepted by the international community. We are convinced that our ongoing commitment to quality and efficiency will satisfy the essential requirements on which we can continually improve all our work processes to meet our customer expectations." Jose Manuel Estada The IGBU Triflex is the only one that has been tested by the Center of Technological Investigations CIDEMCO , and count with the tests of:

  • Calculation of solar factor ( PNE-PREN 13363 -1). [detail]
  • Determination of luminous characteristics as UNE-EN 410:1998. [detail]
  • Determination of the durability of the mechanism of the blind. [detail]
  • Determination of the thermal conductivity (UNE- 92202:1998). [detail]
  • Aging for radiation UV (UNE- 48251:1992). [detail]
  • Study of condensations. [detail]
  • Determination of dew point which are at your disposition if you request them. [detail]

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