Insulated Glass Blind Unit

The igbu (Insulated Glass Blind Unit)

The IGBU (insulated glass-blind unit) is composed by a double glazing with completely sealed chamber in a hermetic and dehydrated form by means of first sealed with butyl, and a second with polysulfide, in its interior lodges a venetian blind type of slats of aluminum, which can be manipulated from the exterior without breaking the airtight seal of the same one.

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Difference between IGBU and IGU with blind

The concept of installing a venetian blind between two glasses is not new, long ago this idea joined to the modern construction for being an aesthetic exquisite solution, besides of providing a perfect control of the solar light, creating very agreeable ambience to the place. Nevertheless the problems that appeared were principally the humidity in the interior of the glasses produced by the difference of temperatures between the interior and the exterior, after the existing moisture became condensed between the panes. The solution of this problem is to create a completely hermetic interior and dehydrated chamber, like the regulatory double glazing. This solution was discarding any system of manipulation to operate the blind that perforate the chamber, since it would break the airtight seal of the same one, the system of operating across magnets is the one that solves and marks the difference between the two systems. An interior magnet and another exterior to the chamber are the responsible of operating the mechanism without breaking the hermetic chamber; in this moment when the first IGBU is born.

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