Triflex Matic
Triflex Model Matic

IGBU with chamber of 25mm. and slats of aluminum of 16mm. tilts and hoists in its totality, and operated by an electrical motor lodged inside the top profile with a tension of 24V. that's given across a transformer from the exterior of the same one and connected to the network.

trflex matic

In the model MATIC doesn't import the thickness of the glass neither in the interior nor in the exterior since the entry of energy is across an electrical wire, which does not break the hermatic chamber of the IGBU. The model MATIC allows multitude of combinations and operations. Different complementary elements exist for the MATIC model as the push button and the transformer, to which also it is possible to connect a infrared receiver, to operate it through a remote control.

triflex trflex matic triflex matic triflex matic