Model A-32
eMoviGlass Aluminium Folding Sliding Systems

eMoviGlass Series A-32

Translucent gaskets provide complete air tightness between each glass leaf all of which are able to be operated independently thus providing an extremely versatile and attractive screen.

The glass leaves are manufactured using 6, 8 or 10mm tempered glass with fully polished edges which give safe and easy operation.

The opening of the leaves can be outwards as well as inwards. An ingenious stacking mechanism allows all the leaves to be slid to one side and neatly parked into a recess that allows a totally clear opening without encroaching into the room space.

Since the system is top running there are several options for the bottom guide to provide solutions in different applications.

Thus the bottom guide can be fully embedded or left as a surface barrier. For some situations it may be necessary not to have a bottom track at all and this can easily be accommodated.

The system also has a compensating profile for those situations where the opening may be uneven or out of square and this together with various options for locking prove to be another reason to consider this beautifully engineered product. Finishes are available in Powder Coat (210 colours in the RAL Classic Range),anodised or imitation wood grain.