Quality and Advantages
eMoviGlass Folding Sliding Systems Quality and Advantages

Diverse finishes

Choose between a variety of finishes as much in profiles as in accessories. Finished profiles in wood-imitation as in oak, walnut, acacia, sapelli, cherry etc… These finishes can be used with or without texture/structure. The anodised profiles are available in diverse ranges of bronze, silver, stainless steel, blue, black, gold etc… The laquered profiles are included in RAL range. In the laquered ones we offer the possibility of a pre-treatment of anodising, extending its durability against the adverse conditions and to the filiform erosion.

Hinges System

Our system of hinges, unique in the market, is embedded in the profile, reason why they are nonskid; avoiding it offs-hook of the leaves and possible inner frictions due to the bad function. All the outer hardware (even in the hinges) is of stainless steel A2. The outer hinges are provided of detachable pin, which allows to separate the leaves easily, allowing this way its cleaning inside, in places difficult to reach.

Security locks

We offer the possibility to place in the folding closure diverse types of security locks, as three point locks, of one point with handle, anti-panic locks , locks with commerce handles, etc… All our locks from outer are of stainless steel.

Heat insulation and Security

For the maximum watertightness and isolation, we have the 110 Serie Thermal RPT, with a coefficient of thermal transmittance of Uw=1,5 W/m2K with which we can reach the most restrictive standards of heat insulation. As far as the security, this series can incorporate a system of inner profiles, that allows us to place 6 bands of contact between vertical gakets, where our system obtains a safety catch.

Thermal break

We have thermal broken Series, that offer an excellent heat insulation obtaining a great energy-power saving. Among them the outstanding S80 RPT, which fulfill the CTE (Technical Code of the Construction), in all the climatic zones of Spain. We also have S110 Thermal RPT, that by their profiles and the reinforced system of ironwork , can produce Enclosure systems of great dimensions and maximum heights, being a Serie without technical competition in the market.

Gaskets system

Our system of gaskets is made of rigid glue and rubber. Our embedded hinges allows that the vertical gaskets are cut to the same size as the horizontal and vertical profiles avoiding to be cut from hinge to hinge. Thus we avoid unnecessary joints and filtrations nonwished. Following the Serial, the vertical union between leaves of our folding doors presents a double, triple or quadruple gasket, that gives to the Folding Enclosure ESPO system a great watertightness and air tightness.

Profiles and openings

Our profiles has in all folding doors and windows Series peripheral compensators, inner frames with embedded or superposed option (we have Systems where it’s not necessary to place inner frame). Enclosures with any type of opening inwards as well as outwards, folding the leaves to the right as to the left, to both sides or of indistinct way with even or uneven leaves, etc… Our profiles admit to place different glasses as monolithic, laminated, chambers, etc… As well as different types of shutters as fix, movable or opaque.

Accessories finished

The “hidden” hardware of ESPO systems, as the brackets joints of profiles, closing mechanisms and others non-plastic complements, are elaborated with cataphoresis to extend the life of the same and to avoid corrosion. The outer hardware as hinges, set of wheels, etc… are laquered with dust painting epoxi and the standard finishes are black and white. As option these outer hardware can be painted in the same color as the profiles ( RAL card), being perfectly integrated in the Enclosure.