Aluminium Folding Sliding Systems

Folding Patio Doors

The ESPO folding patio doors allows total freedom in the combination of the number of panels and opening combinations, whereby they can all be stacked to the right, all to the left, halfway or to each side. Our ESPO folding sliding doors allows you complete freedom when it comes to deciding on the number of panels and the way you want them to open, folded to the right, the left, the middle or on both sides.

Wide range

We custom manufacture a total of 11 series which can be used to enclose open space or divide up interior spaces. These can be installed in straight or curved lines, and offer an infinite variety of opening systems and panel combinations while ensuring that you are left with as much free space as possible.

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All of the series have the option of full frame or flushed low frame, with a bottom roller system or for instance, for high transit places, a stainless steel flushed lower frame. The system allows any type of glazing or panel to be installed. Based on the 35 series, new series continue to be added that give the system enhanced.

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There are two series available with fixed and rotating louver shutters and another special series for the installation of glazing with an interior Venetian blind. The 80 series comes with a thermal break, which provides excellent insulation from the heat or the cold.

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Exclusive accessories

All the accessories for our folding sliding doors are made from stainless steel, aluminium, zamak and highly resistant plastic components. We offer several doorknobs and handles adaptable to the different series and requirements.

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They are available in white, black and gold, and on demand, in the same colours as the profiles used in the folding patio doors. All accessories are maintenance free and require only standard household clearing to retain their original appearance and performance. Hinges are fitted with a removable pin, which allows the door leaves to be easily removed once installed, thus making it possible to clean leaves in hard-to-reach areas.

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Our sealing systems are designed using rigid glue and rubber, cut to the same size as the frame sections, both horizontally and vertically, ensuring that they do not have to be cut from hinge to hinge and, in this way, eliminating the need for unnecessary joints and unwanted leaks. Depending on the series, either a double or triple gasket is used, which makes ESPO folding sliding doors highly and weather tight.

Secure and weather-proof

The doors slim lines believe the fact that our systems are strong, secure and extremely durable. All of our systems could are fitted with an option of security multi point and concealed shoot bolds.
The 80 series folding sliding doors provide first-class insulation against hot or cold weather, thus contributing towards saving on energy and fuel bills. Our panels are subjected to the most stringent European atmospherics and demonstrate a high level of waterproof protection and resistance to wind and others external weathering factors.